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In-Home Wiring and Low Voltage Help

Before the gateway installation starts, there are key bits of information Sea Ranch residents will need to know. When the gateway (router) is installed inside your home it will be placed within 8 feet of the ONT and near an electrical outlet. This is a default placement for each residence. In some cases you may prefer the gateway to be located in another area of your home. This can be accomplished by the extension of wiring whether from the inside of the home or outside.

If this applies to you there are a few options. The gateway can be moved to another room in the house, by means of a fiber extension. You can also leave the gateway where it’s at and extend ethernet throughout your home. That way you can plug into your internet from multiple locations such as, having the gateway placed in the living room, but having an ethernet jack in the office for your home desktop. Most of the time these extensions are an easy process, but it does require some precautions and specific installation knowledge.

There are a number of local low-voltage companies who have been briefed on Sea Ranch Connect fiber requirements. We have provided a list of these companies below.

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In-Home Technical Help

Once Sea Ranch Connect Internet has been installed at your home, it’s time to make sure all of your devices are connected and working correctly. If you come across any connectivity issues our technical support is more than happy to try and assist you. However, there are times when you need more detailed assistance, be it with software, hardware, or other technology challenges. Maybe your computer has gotten a virus that can't be cleaned by your anti-virus software. Maybe you bought a new laptop and are not sure how to get started using it. Unfortunately, sometimes these things require a specialist, or hands-on support. There are a number of local resources that can help when you need this kind of help and have provided the list below.

  • Andy Lang
  • The Mac Link, Inc.
  • PO Box 294
  • The Sea Ranch, CA 95497-0294
  • Phone: (707) 580-9044 OR (530) 297-6228